Histories of Equine Science

     The SHOT History of Technology conference begins tomorrow in Philadelphia. Of particular interest are the Maintaining Natures panels organized by Nicole Welk-Joerger (University of Pennsylvania) and Alice Clifton (Georgia Institute of Technology). The second session includes two of our members presenting their research, and both panels take a long overdue look at the intersection of animals and technology.

Maintaining Natures I
8:00 a.m. Friday in the Reynolds Room.
Chair: David Nye (University of Southern Denmark)
Commentator: Thomas Zeller (University of Maryland)
Angelica Agredo Montealegre (King’s College London): Urgent Roads for the ‘Unknown’: The Roads of the Algerian Sahara in the 1950s
Alice Clifton (Georgia Institute of Technology) [Robinson Prize Candidate]: Front-Line Fowl: Messenger Pigeons as Communications Technology in the United States Army Slawomir Lotysz (Polish Academy of Sciences): Hydro or Social Engineering? The Question of Draining the Polesie Marshes in Interwar Poland
Nicole Welk-Joerger (University of Pennsylvania): Measuring Maintenance: Cow Condition and Calorimeters in America’s Early 20th Century

Maintaining Natures II
10:30 a.m. Saturday in the Claypoole Room
Chair: Lee Vinsel (Virginia Tech)
Commentator: Ann Greene (University of Pennsylvania) 
Katrin Boniface (University of California Riverside) [Robinson Prize Candidate]: Manufacturing the Horse: Understandings of Inheritance in the Long 18th Century
Felicity McWilliams (King’s College London): Maintaining Tractors and Caring for Horses: Looking after Draught Power Technologies in Twentieth Century British Farming
Sarah Mittlefehldt (Northern Michigan University): Saving the Earth through the Power of the Sun: Solar Energy Advocacy and Opposition in the US since the 1950s
Samantha Muka (University of Pennsylvania): Maintaining Model Ecosystems in the Laboratory: Adey’s Caribbean Reef Microcosm Tank

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