The Equine History Collective publishes weekly online reviews of monographs (Sundays) or sources (Saturdays), as well as reviews of subjects and exhibits related to equine history. We invite submissions from scholars in any field related to the history of equines, and will publish period-specific reviews as well as thematic or synthetic reviews. On Mondays, we run member profiles; the form for those is here. We also publish, on an as received basis: calls for papers, exhibit reviews, conference reports, fellowship information, and other materials covering equine historical topics. We particularly welcome submissions that spend equal time assessing the technical aspect of equine knowledge and also the relevance to the discipline of history or adjacent disciplines as a whole, de-mystifying specialized knowledge for a general, interdisciplinary audience.  Submissions under 1000 words preferred, and are accepted via email, ideally in Word (.doc or docx) format. 

Write for us!

First, if you’re thinking about writing for us, then chances are you should be listed. If you aren’t, reach out to us via our contact page or at so we can add you!

We are looking for:

  1. Book Reviews. If it is non-fiction, historical, and involves any sort of equid, we’d love a review. Doesn’t quite fit all three, but still think it fits? Drop us an email.
  2. Source Reviews. These are meant as introductions and overviews, rather than original research, Should include where the item is currently held.
  3. Exhibit Reviews. Same as above! We are particularly interested in smaller or temporary exhibits, but will happily take reviews on large permanent exhibits.
  4. Member Updates. New fellowship? New book coming out soon? Exploring a new research topic? Let us know.
  5. Conference Reports. Particularly those regarding equine history in particular, but feel free to contact us about other conferences or talks, including animal studies and equine science.
  6. Calls for papers and other opportunities. We will gladly list these, and they may be accompanied by a “press release” for the blog.

How to submit:

  1. E-mail us at about what you would like to write.
  2. If you have a WordPress ID and plan to write for us regularly, we may set you up with a guest account. If not, submissions may be completed in word and we will format.
  3. Let us know what photos you would like to include, and provide attribution for them.
  4. When your post is published, make sure to share it!

Many of our members also have their own equine history blogs, which are well worth checking out. Generally, if you’re looking for new research bites, that is where you will find them.