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   We are raising funds for filing 501(c)3 status and for the EHC Conference travel fund. T-shirts are now available!

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   Direct donations can be made here: https://squareup.com/store/equine-history-collective… Please feel free to share!


Call for Papers! Equine History Conference

IMG_0027   The Equine History Collective (EHC) invites submissions for individual presentations for its first annual conference, to take place Nov. 30 – Dec. 1 at Cal Poly Pomona, in partnership with the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library. Submissions may investigate any equine in the past,kellogg including donkeys, mules, zebras and onagers. The theme of the conference is “Why Equine History Matters,” meant to show the relevance of equine history for historical studies. We therefore encourage papers that illustrate how any facet of equine history, broadly or narrowly conceived, helps to illuminate, interpret, and contextualize the past. The conference will conclude with a visit to the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center’s Sunday Show.

lutely.jpg   The EHC’s purpose is to foster equine history research and its dissemination, and promote collaboration between equine historians in all disciplines. As such, we encourage submissions from anyone who researches equine history. This includes, but is not limited to, scholars in other disciplines other than history, like agriculture, archaeology, art history, and literature, and researchers in non-academic settings, such as public historians and independent scholars. Submissions from scholars at any career stage are welcome. Please understand that space may be limited for this inaugural conference, but we expect the number of presentation spots available to grow in future years.IMG_1859

   The deadline for submission is 15 April 2018. Please send abstracts (250 words or less) and a one-page CV to equinehistory@gmail.com. The Program Committee will notify all those who submitted proposals of its decision by the end of May. Travel funds may be available for speakers.  Questions? Contact us.

Coming Up in November

#ShelfieSunday theme: equids in modern warfare


Equine Culture at WOCMES Nov. 5

Baroque Horses & Horsemanship Nov. 10

Environmental Humanities in Historical Perspective Nov. 15

Being Well Together: Human-animal collaboration Nov. 30

Other Deadlines:


The Perfect Horse Lecture Nov. 8   Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, Pomona, CA

Frederic Remington The Met, NYC, runs through Jan. 2, 2018

The Horse in Greek Art National Sporting Library, Middleburg, VA, through Jan. 14, 2018

Symposia in Ancient Greece National Sporting Library, Middleburg, VA, Nov. 2

Coffee with the Curator National Sporting Library, Middleburg, VA, Nov. 18



Rare books at NSLM

    The introduction of The Culture of the Horse: Status, Discipline, and Identity in the Early Modern World explains that “the editors…aim to reintroduce scholars to ‘the significance of the horse in the early modern period’ and thereby to fill a void in the current state of scholarship.” This void extends to equine historical scholarship of other time periods. In addition, there has often been an assumption that “a horse is a horse,” with little change in the animal itself since domestication. There has been a recent, long overdue, surge in equestrian historical scholarship for many time periods and many disciplines. We seek to bring together the scattered researchers of the world, to make the sharing of knowledge easier. Equine historians, by necessity, are often ‘radically interdisciplinary,’ and all disciplines are very welcome.

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