We are committed to building an equine history community and supporting robust, interconnected scholarship. This field has been sparse until recently, and many researchers have expressed concerns over the difficulty of tracking down suitable scholarship. We hope to make this process easier, as well as encourage researchers to consult specialists. Because of this, our membership is not a paid subscription, but rather a voluntary collective. If you work on any aspect of equine history– from Arabian breeding to zebra zooarchaeology, anthropology to genetics– we’d be happy to add a listing and help connect you with others interested in your work. Contact us to be added, or to enquire about any equine historical matters. 


South Africa



Eric Banks
Racing, Literature

Katrin Boniface
University of California, Riverside
Medieval & Early Modern

J.N. Campbell
Sports Haven
Thoroughbreds, Racing, Betting

Charlotte Carrington-Farmer
Roger Williams University
Early Modern Atlantic World

Kerri Clement
Colorado University, Boulder
Indigenous Horses, 19th & 20th
century American West,
Ranching, Agriculture. 

Kenneth Cohen
Racing, Sport in Early America

Julia F. Crisler
University of California, Santa Barbara
Medieval, Anglo-Saxon

Susan Crane
Columbia University

Pia F. Cuneo
University of Arizona
Art History, Early Modern Germany

Steven M Fountain
Washington State University
Spanish Colonial & Native American horses, wild horses & burros

Amber Roberts Graham
University of Kansas
Environmental, Early Modern, Horsemanship


Ann N. Greene
University of Pennsylvania
Working horses, 20th century

Amanda Gustin
Vermont Historical Society
Morgans, Early America

Kathleen Haak
Carriage Assoc. of America
Carriage driving

Abbie Harlow
Arizona State University
Burros and mules in the 19th and 20th century American West

Kit Heintzman
Veterinary Medicine

Peter Heywood

Matthew Himel
Mississippi State
Sporting & Foxhunting

Philip A. Homan
Idaho State University
Range horse ranching,
American West, Mules,
Boer War

Fran Jurga
Veterinary, farrier, welfare

Lesli Kathman
Blackberry Lane Press
Breed Development, Genetics

Jennifer Kelly
Sir Barton, Thoroughbreds

Christian Krueger
Marquette University
Early and Antebellum America

Holly Kruse
Rogers State University
Horse Racing, History of Technology, Gender Studies

Elise Lofgren

Tobi Lopez Taylor
Coronado Ranch
Anthropology, Arabians,
Native American

Matthew Luckett
Cal State Dominguez Hills
Horse theft, US West, Plains Indians, Ranching and Agriculture

Lelian Maldonado
University of California, Riverside
Ancient Mediterranean
Memory & Memorialization

Lindsay Marshall
University of Oklahoma
Indigenous horses, wild horses, public memory, American West


Andra Kowalczyk Martens
Polish Arabian horses,
Arabian horse racing,
19th- & 20th-century horses,
agriculture in U.S.

Janice Gunther Martin
University of Notre Dame
Early Modern Europe
History of Science and Medicine

Elizabeth McCague
University of Maryland
Equestrian networks,
Early America

Eliza McGraw
Raceday 360

Katherine Mooney
Florida State University
U.S. race, gender, and politics

Erica Munkwitz
American University
Gender & Sport in Modern Britain

Kathryn Renton
University of California, L.A.
Early Modern Europe, Colonial Latin America,
Atlantic World

Teresa Rogers
20th c. Equine Art
Model Horse History Project

Chelsea Shields-Más
SUNY College at Old Westbury

Carly Silver
Thoroughbred pedigrees, racing

Jennifer Marie Smith
University of Washington
Indigenous Peoples, Horse Breeding, and US Empire in the 19th/20th c

Dorothy Ours
20th Century Thoroughbred Racing, Man o’ War

Peter S. Soppelsa
University of Oklahoma
Urban Horse Power

Jennifer E Steenshorne
University of Virginia
Racing, breeding, betting
Long 18th century

Gwyneth Talley
University of California, L.A.
Anthropology, Gender & Sports, Morocco

Kathleen Sullivan Thomas
Mississippi State University

20th c. Veterinary Medicine

Michigan State University
Early modern and animal studies; literary historicism



Jeannette Vaught
Agriculture, food studies,
Science and technology studies, 20th century US


Frank Whitehead
University of Arizona
rodeo, ranching, 20th century American West


Alyse Yeargan
University of California, Riverside
California Museum of Photography
19th & 20th c. Sport & Gender



Margaret Derry
University of Guelph
History of genetics, Science
and Culture in Animal Breeding,
Agricultural History

Joanna Dean
Carleton University
Environmental, Urban

Haskel J. Greenfield
University of Manitoba
Anthropology, Archeology,
Bronze Age Donkeys

Kristen Guest
University of Northern British Columbia
Literature, breed, horses and modernity

Carolyn Willekes
Mount Royal University

Greek, Roman, Archeology
I: @academic.equestrian 


Peter E.J. Bols
Veterinary, 18th c. France

Czech Republic

Barbora Hunčovská
Charles University
Horses in WWI, Soldier-Horse relationship in WWI, Military use of animals, Animal history, Historical anthropology
We’ll Be Kind Blog


Alexandra Lotz
Brandenburg University of Technology 
European stud culture, historic architecture & cultural landscapes designed for horses

Mariam Selge
Saarland University 
Early Modern horsemanship


Anastasija Ropa
Latvian Academy of Sport Education
Medieval, Grail Literature


Fabienne Meiers
University of Luxembourg


Alexandre Blaineau

Marina Viallon
‎The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC, US)
Medieval, Saddlery


Jurg Gassmann


Anna Backman
Early Modern Horsemanship


Remigiusz Gogosz
University of Rzeszów
Icelandic horse fights


Theodore Antikas
Greek, Archeology, Genetics


Giovanni Battista Tomassini
Classical horsemanship


Shira Albaz
Archeology, Bronze Age Donkeys

Aren Maeir
Bar-Ilan University
Anthropology, Archeology,
Bronze Age Donkeys


Klazina Botke
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Art History, Early Modern

Hylke Hettema
Leiden University
Desert horses, including Arabians

Lonneke Delpeut
Leiden University

South Africa

Sandra Swart
Stellenbosch University

Tom Almeroth-Williams
University of York
18th & early 19th century Britain

Andrew Ayton

Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Keele University
Medieval, Military

Miriam Bibby
University of Glasgow
Scottish & English working equines

London School of Economics
Medieval Economic History 

Sarah Cockram
University of Glasgow
Italian Renaissance

Amandine Didouan
University of Cambridge
Early Modern Europe, Art History

Jane Flynn
The University of Derby
The Soldier-Horse Relationship


Karli Grazman
University of York
Medieval studies, 11th-15th centuries

Pat Hardy
National Horse Racing Museum

Mike Huggins
University of Cumbria
18th-20th c. racing

Elizabeth Jamieson
Attingham Trust
British Horse Drawn Carriage

Donna Landry
University of Kent
Early Modern, Anglo-Ottoman,
Imperialism & Orientalism

Laerke Recht
University of Cambridge, UK
Archaeology of the Aegean and Near East, ancient animals

Rena Maguire
Queens University Belfast
Irish Iron Age, Zooarcheology

Dániel Margócsy
Early Modern, Breeding

Felicity McWilliams
King’s College, London
20th century British agriculture,
Draught power technologies

Sally Mitchell
Museum of the Horse, Tuxford
Material culture

Lisa Moravec
Royal Holloway, University of London
Art, Theatre, Performance, Dance, Modern, Classical Dressage

Esther Harper
King’s College, London
Horse Racing

Spencer Gavin Smith
Manchester Metropolitan University

Elaine Walker
17th c. horsemanship manuals,
Newcastle, cultural history

Joshua C White
zooarchaeology, Roman,
prehistoric, horse husbandry