Upcoming Elections

As discussed at the 2019 annual meeting, stay tuned for our upcoming elections for president, secretary, and treasurer in the second half of December, and for the launch of EHC formalized membership in early 2020. Nominations for the elected positions are due Dec. 1, with the deadline to accept and send in a short campaign statement Dec. 15. The formal responsibilities of the officers are as follows: 


  • Runs officer meetings and annual meeting
  • Appoints committee chairs and board liaisons to each sub-committee
  • Represents/speaks on behalf of the Collective


  • Maintains handbook
  • Maintains/organizes reports
  • Summarizes board meetings and action items.
  • Gives notice of meetings 


  • Maintains account records
  • Prepares financial statements
  • Deposits and disburses money

The newly elected officers will serve a two-year term, and will be advised in their first year by the previous officers acting as Past President, Past Treasurer, and Past Secretary. After completion of their term, the officers elected in 2019 will likewise serve for a year as Past President, Past Treasurer, or Past Secretary. Nominations and questions can be sent to equinehistory@gmail.com

And also stay tuned for the EHC’s formalized membership launch in early 2020!

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