#EqHist2019 Sponsors: WKKAHL

      The W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library just keeps getting better! The Equine History Conference would not be going into its second year without their incredible support. We are happy to welcome you all back to the WKKAHL for the second annual Equine History Conference. In addition to hosting the conference, the entire staff has been integral to keeping everything running. Many of equine historians have spent time with the WKKAHL and their archivists as a researcher– founder Kat Boniface chose her grad school in part due to the proximity of the WKKAHL!– and we’ve only just begun to discover all the collection has to offer, not only on the Kellogg and Pomona Remount Arabians, but also Arabians worldwide, Kellogg’s Percheron team, the development of the local horse industry, Thoroughbreds, equestrian sports, farming…we could keep going but you should come see the collection yourself!

      The WKKAHL hosts small museum exhibits, archives material culture related to the collections, and teaches students from the college and the community how to conduct research. They share the EHC’s values of research, inclusion, and public access. Next year’s conference, Equine History 2020, will be in New York, but we will return to the WKKAHL regularly in the future.

      In addition, this year Katie Richardson, head of special collections and archives at CalPoly Pomona (which includes the WKKAHL) joined the EHC Board of Directors. Her experience and insight have been valuable assets as we seek to grow the Equine History Collective. Katie will also be joining us at the Western States Horse Expo the weekend before EHC 2019!

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