#EqHist2019 Speakers List

EHC 2019 is five months away!
Nov. 13-15

Keynote by Sandra Swart

     Sandra Swart, Professor of History at Stellenbosch University, presents a model for theswart broad research engagement that equine historians can generate. Her publications have focused on the socio-environmental history of southern Africa with a focus on the shifting relationship between humans and animals (Riding High – horses, humans and history in South Africa (Witwatersrand University Press, 2010); co-edited (with L. Van Sittert) Canis Africanis – a dog history of Southern Africa (Brill, 2008); co-authored with Greg Bankoff, Breeds of Empire: The ‘invention’ of the horse in the Philippines and Southern Africa, 1500-1950(Nordic Institute of Asian Studies Press 2007).  Sandra’s multi-disciplinary background, with a DPhil in Modern History and an MSc in Environmental Change and Management, demonstrates the potential of new research at the intersection of animal and environmental concerns.  She has produced a multitude of works engaging with the social history of environmental boundaries and conservation. Many of our equine researchers rely on her work not only for content and context, but also for theory and methodology. She has been instrumental in developing frameworks for approaching indigenous and colonial relationships to the natural environment throughout the world.

Additional Activities

Invited Speakers

Francisco Javier Cambero Santano and María Martín-Cuervo
The artistic representation of Pizarro’s horse: Reality vs. Myth

Charlotte Carrington-Farmer
Equine Labour – Enslaved Labour: New England and the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World

Kerri Clement
Counting Cows and Hawking Horses: Digital History and Transnational Cattle Ranching Networks in Montana, 1860-1915

Margaret Derry
Pedigrees, Purity, and Breed: The World Arabian Horse Organization versus the Arabian Horse Registry of America in the Orchestration of Trade, 1970-2000

Camden Elliott
Horses in the Back (and at the Front): Equine Illness in 19th Century North American Warfare

Jane Flynn
“Most Frightful People” How Mules earned their Names in The Great War

Kyuhyun Han
Embodied Revolution: Equine Experience, Warhorse Exhibition, and Cultural Legacy of Chinese Communist Revolution

Rebecca Hill
title TBA

Christian K. Krueger
Battle for the Bluegrass: Racers, Raiders, and the American Civil War

Jaime Lira Garrido
Revisiting the Iberian origins of the North American horses: Approaching the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean combining ancient DNA and historical registries from the Colonial Era

Jennifer G. Marks
A Streetcar Named Efficiency: Temporality and Morality in the Equine City, 1870-1900

María Martín-Cuervo
The Iron Age sacrificed horses from the Iberian Tartessic ‘Turuñuelo de Guareña’ site

Nicole Mathwich and Rae G. Whitley
The Public Horse Embodied: Requisition, Use, and Replacement of the Military Horse in the Great Sioux War

Monica Mattfeld and Kristen Guest
title TBA: Thoroughbred Fashions

Elizabeth McCague
‘The races just over I did not go—we had lost one of our fine large Greays & I could not go in good stile’: The horse as a symbol of status at James Madison’s Montpelier

Ann McKinnon
Entanglement, Ethics and the H.DV.12 German Cavalry Manual

Kathryn McLachlan
title TBA: Quaggas

Hannah Palsa
“They Were Taken to Camp and Slaughtered for the Dogs,” War Dog Centers, Remounts, and How the Working Animal Is Perceived in Wartime

Teresa Rogers
When Small Size Mattered: Crescent Silvertone, Lisle Woolery, and the Kellogg Shetlands

John Schiewe
Pioneering American Breeders of Pure Polish Arabians, 1961–1985: An Examination of “Best Practices”

Mariam Selge
Communicating Bodies: Negotiating a Common Language in Early Modern German Horsemanship Manuals

Chelsea Shields-Más
Equus, runcinus, palefridus, summarius: the horses of Domesday Book

Carly Silver
The Hoof as Relic: How Equine Champions’ Feet Carry Them Into Eternal Memory

Tobi Lopez Taylor
Politics and Pedigrees: America’s Cold War-Era Arabian Horse Registration Debacle

Moira Walker
title TBA (on Western and Bedouin concepts of the Arabian)

Frank Whitehead
“The Two are Pardners”: Rodeo Cowboys, Their Horses, and a Distinctly Western Relationship

Mitch Wilkinson
The Genetics of Curly Coated Horses

Carolyn Willekes
Embodying the Racehorse: Equines, Hippodromes, and Aristocratic Identity in the Greek World

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