#SourceSaturday: National Agricultural Library

USDA National Agricultural Library hold resources that might be of interest to equine historians with a broader interest in US history and agricultural history. They offer a database for government documents in Agricola, an assortment of Digital Collections, and even an internship program.


Man O’ War Photograph Collection

Collection Number: 297

Linear Feet: 1.25

Collection Description: The Man O’ War Photograph Collection contains black and white photographs of the racehorse Man O’ War (1917-1947). It includes photographs of the horse, races, and trainer. No dates on photographs.


Quartermaster Corps Front Royal Remount Station Photographs

Collection Number: 471

Bulk Dates: 1941

Linear Feet: 1

Digitized Items available here

Collection Description: The collection consists of 106 black and white photographs taken during winter of 1941 at the Front Royal US Army Remount Station in Front Royal, Virginia (operated by the Quartermaster Corps). The photographs are captioned and illustrate the process by which, toward the end of the era of the US Army Remount Service, horses and mules were nurtured and formed into animals useful to the US Army.


Unknown. “Inspection of a new horse’s teeth.” Special Collections, USDA National Agricultural Library. Accessed March 18, 2019


Additional collections of interest: 

Horse” Search

MS 182 USDA History Collection

Film Collection


To Visit the Collections: 

National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705



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