2018: The Year in Review(s)

   We launched this blog in September 2017, and shortly thereafter we started running reviews of books and exhibits, and later added sources and archives, making a specialists viewpoint available. Our collective has grown exponentially in the last year, and we’ve been happy to feature our members as well. Today, we’re looking back at the last year (and change) of book reviews.

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Books published before 2000

The Medieval Warhorse: Origin, Development and Redevelopment, reviewed by Katrin Boniface
The Medieval Horse and Its Equipment, reviewed by Katrin Boniface
Riding for Caesar, reviewed by Miriam Bibby
Kingdom of the Workhorse, reviewed by Miriam Bibby
Horses, Oxen and Technological Innovation: The Use of Draught Animals in English Farming from 1066 to 1500, Review by Jordan Claridge

Published 2000-2010

Le cheval et la guerre du XVe au XXe siècle, reviewed by Kathryn Renton
War Horse: Mounting the Cavalry with America’s Finest Horses, reviewed by Katrin Boniface
My Colourful Life: from Red to Amber, reviewed by Anastasija Ropa
Breeds of Empire: The ‘Invention’ of the Horse in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa 1500–1950, reviewed by Hylke Hettema
The Warhorse in the Modern Era: The Boer War to the Beginning of the Second Millennium, reviewed by Jane Flynn
The Comanche Empire, reviewed by Christopher Valesey

Published after 2010

The Perfect Horse: The Daring US Mission to Rescue the Priceless Stallions Kidnapped By the Nazis, reviewed by Jeannette Vaught
Race Horse Men, reviewed by Charlotte Carrington-Farmer
Mr. Darley’s Arabian, reviewed by Katherine Mooney
Here Comes Exterminator!, reviewed by Eric Banks
A plaine and easie waie to remedie a horse’: Equine Medicine in Early Modern England, reviewed by Janice Gunther Martin
Bedouin Heritage, reviewed by Hylke Hettema
Horse Nations, reviewed by Kathryn Renton


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