#MemberMonday: Jeannette Vaught


Jeannette Vaught
California State University-Los Angeles

American Studies PhD., University of Texas at Austin
English B.A., Minor in History, Vassar College 
Former equine veterinary technician . 



What got you in to history? horse history?
A lifetime with horses, a veterinary background, and the crucial discovery of STS while in an interdisciplinary humanities graduate program: it all came together that I could study the cultural history of equine science!

Who is your favorite historical horse?
Clever Hans — such a good boy.

What are you working on now?
A very slow-moving long-term project on the science, history, and cultures of equine-focused reproductive technologies in the U.S. [See a bit of this in the latest Humanimalia]

Anything else you’d like to add?
Incorporating agricultural history and animal studies into the fields of gender studies and STS is very important to me — I am always happy to find others to collaborate with and learn from! The photo is of me and my horse Dallas when we were both kids. We’re both much older now!


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