#MemberMonday: Lonneke Delpeut


Lonneke Delpeut

Leiden University

MA student in Classics

BA in Egyptology




What got you in to history? In to equine history?

   I have always been interested in history, especially the history of ancient Egypt. As soon as I knew that Egyptology existed, I knew that was what I wanted to study. I have 

methorsealso always been a horse girl, so when I found out that there were so many beautiful depictions, two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional, I found the perfect opportunity to combine both my passions: horses and ancient Egypt. I fell in love with this particular object:

Who is your favorite historical horse?

    I do not have a favourite horse in history (although the horse found in the forecourt of the tomb of Senenmut would definitely be in my top-5) but this whip handle is definitely one of my favourite objects.


What are you working on right now?
   My current research involves the study of two-dimensional depictions of the horse in ancient Egypt in private tombs during the Eighteenth dynasty. I compare the image of the horse as a source of information to the image of the horse as a piece of art. Images tell us all kinds of things, like what the horse was used for in Egyptian society, what role the horse played inside the image (e.g. as a status symbol) and about what the Egyptians knew about the horse. On the other hand, the image studied as a piece of art tells us where the artist got his inspiration from, whether or not they saw the horse as a special element considered to other four-legged animals, and, most interestingly, to what extent the image can be considered as a naturalistic display. 

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